Cleaning & Maintenance for Lacquered and Matt Lacquered Floors

May 8, 2013

Regular Cleaning:

Sweep or vacuum your floor as often as you like. Be careful not to scratch the floor with the vacuum head and always ensure you are using the soft bristle setting on your vacuum cleaner.  

For quick and easy cleaning use Blanchon Lagoon. It comes in a handy 500ml spray bottle. Simply spray a dust free area of the floor and then use a clean lightly damp mop to wipe the floor. Repeat this procedure until you have completed the whole area or room.

Blanchon Daily Cleaner is another easy to use mild soap that revives lacquered wood floors. After sweeping or vacuuming all dust, dilute 50ml – 100ml of soap with 10 litres of water. Then use a clean mop (never too wet – only slightly damp) to wipe the floor clean.

ESB Flooring stock the Blanchon range of wood flooring cleaning and maintenance products. Although these products are specially designed for cleaning and maintaining wood and laminate flooring you could also use eco-friendly floor cleaners to clean your floor. Never use products with chemical ingredients. Most supermarkets carry their own environmentally friendly range of floor cleaners. Also never use a mop that is too wet; the mop should be very lightly damp.


Matt lacquered floors can benefit from occasionally (once or twice a year) applying Blanchon Protector Métamat®. Simply apply Protector Métamat® to your floor with a cloth or very lightly damp mop. Coverage is approximately 40 – 60sqm per litre.

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