How To Install Wood Flooring On The Wall?

September 5, 2017

Even though installing wood flooring on walls may be considered by some of you a crazy idea, in fact it can be used effectively and creatively for cladding walls. Those of you who want a natural and unique way should go for cladding the room with wood, as installing wood flooring on the walls may turn out to be a great option.

Cladding walls with wood flooring can bring an outstanding final result and can make the room look modern or traditional. Everything depends on the species of wood you will use and the installation method.

There is, however, one thing you will need to consider before even thinking about the installation of wood flooring on the walls – the base on which the floor will be fitted needs to be stable. This is because wood flooring should be staggered during installation, which means you can’t fit it over an unstable surface if the individual planks can’t be secured along their entire length. Using plywood on the wall before the installation of the flooring to the wall guarantees an appropriate and stable surface.

As far as installing the wood flooring on the wall is concerned, you need to make a choice between vertical, horizontal and diagonal installation. The latter one should e done by professionals and should rather be avoided by DIY-ers who don’t have the necessary expertise.

If you want to have the wood flooring installed horizontally on the wall, you need to remember about one crucial thing, namely about establishing a level starting point. To do it, simply mark a line throughout the width of a single plank above the floor. Then use this as a starting point. The same applies to vertical installations, whereby you need to start a plank-width in from each wall. The best way to secure it to the plywood is nailing the wood flooring in place.

As soon as you’re done with the cladding, you can fill any nail holes using a wood filler. Then, simply sand the wood flooring and finish it with a finishing product of your choice. And finally, you can trim the wood with the preferred style of trim.

The next interesting way of using wood flooring on walls is to use it as a bed-head. In such a case, you just need to design the shape you need and then fix it to the wall. This option gives you an opportunity to have a simple or an extravagant bed-head, depending on your likes and dislikes, at a really low cost.


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