Is Choosing A Different Floor Throughout The Entire House A Good Idea?

December 16, 2016

A question of whether to use the same type of wood flooring throughout the entire home can be answered with full conviction “Definitely no”. If you prefer to let your imagination run, please do – there is no rule that would say you need to install floor of the same type in all your interiors.

As all the houses are different in various respects and each room is different, looks differently, serves a different purpose, has a different amount of light and a different feel. Therefore, we’d recommend you to go for the type of wood floor which suits each interior’s individual characteristics.

Size of the room

First, take into account the size of the room and whether it has lots of light or not. A spacious room with a lot of natural light will look great both with light and dark floors, depending on your preferences and the overall interior design. However, if your room is rather small and dark and you want to make it look larger, you should definitely consider opting for a light wood floor with narrow boards.

Apart from taking into account visual aspects, such as the final result you want to get, remember to consider more down-to-earth factors such as wear and tear and traffic you expect in the given interior.

When considering all the factors described above, it becomes clear that installing different wood flooring in different rooms is a great idea, because you can take individual approach to each single interior, adjusting the solution which best suits it. Wood flooring is available in a broad range of different wood species, shades, grades and finishes; you also have a choice between engineered and solid wood floor, each having certain features we’ve detailed multiple times in our previous articles.

Engineered floors

Engineered wood flooring is constructed of multiple plies of wood with solid wood layer on top. This top layer makes it look and feel just like solid wood and, more importantly, it’s more suitable for certain interiors with high moisture level and temperature fluctuations.

Solid Floor

Solid wood floor, on the other hand, is wood flooring made of planks milled from a single piece of wood. It’s a great solution for nature lovers and definitely has its special charm, but we need to remember it’s not suitable for instance for kitchens and bathrooms or interiors with high fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

A solution based on the use of various types of wood floors throughout the house is a very practical one. Rooms with more traffic than others, such as a dining room or a hallway require a floor with a finish that will be adjusted to a higher level of traffic and more resistant to wear and tear. And once again, in the case of rooms with huge differences in moisture and temperature levels, you should think about getting appropriate flooring which will withstand these fluctuations. It’s not a must to use the same type of wood flooring in your entire house if it isn’t suitable from the point of view of the needs and the purpose of each interior.

However, always remember that the entire final result will be much better if you remember to choose boards of the same thickness throughout your home. In this way you will avoid the need to use flooring accessories, for instance T-bars, which are used to overcome slight variations in flooring height.

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