Protect wood flooring with a doormat

December 10, 2013

If you install wood flooring – whether engineered, solid or multilayer – in your home and get a lovely finish, you will of course want to keep it in great condition. Wood flooring is tough but it is susceptible to scuffs and minor surface damage. You therefore have to show it some love to keep it looking perfect and to remain durable. One way to protect your wood flooring that is surprisingly effective is with a doormat.

A doormat is your floor’s best friend

But why? Well, without a mat a surprising amount of dirt and debris gets dragged into your home on the soles of mucky shoes. These particles of dirt, gravel, tiny bits of glass and other substances are abrasive and they can scratch and scuff your floors. Over time this can cause considerable damage to the surface of your flooring and ruin its finish. A doormat prevents these damaging particles being brought inside, thereby protecting your wood floor.

Outside doormats

First of all you should invest in an outside doormat. These mats are usually made of tough brush type material, or alternatively rubber or metal. These are heavy duty mats that are designed to remove most of the dirt and debris from your shoes before you get inside.  If you live in the countryside and regularly come home covered in mud it might be wise to buy a boot scraper as well to get the worst of the dirt off before you wipe your feet.

Indoor doormats

Once over the threshold you should have an indoor doormat, which is typically softer than the outside version. This mat allows you to wipe off any remaining grime and particles before you step onto your clean and untarnished wooden floor. There are loads of indoor doormats available so you should be able to one that matches your décor and style.

Shopping tips

When shopping for an indoor doormat choose one that won’t let water seep through to your wood floor. Many are designed with a rubber base for this purpose. Also opt for a size that will allow a couple of footsteps so that you can comfortably wipe both feet before stepping onto your flooring.

With outdoor and indoor doormats down your floors will be well protected and people won’t have to take their shoes off before coming inside. Doormats are simple investments but very effective.

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