What Is The Best Wood Flooring For A Home Office?

May 16, 2016

As nowadays a large number of people work from home either as freelancers or as part of an arrangement with their companies, there is a growing need for home office design ideas and solutions. All the more so, because in most families, home office plays a wide variety of roles. If you work from home or even just occasionally telecommute, it’s your place for business, but on other occasions and for other members of your family it’s also a spare bedroom, a dining room, a place to store documents, or a place to play computer games or do homework for kids.

Engineered or solid wood flooring?

That’s why before choosing a floor, you should think about the various purposes the given interior is to be used for. No matter whether the room will be used exclusively for work, or for other purposes as well, both engineered and solid wood flooring will be a great option.

When making a decision that should obviously be well-thought-out you need to consider such questions as the location of your office, the expected wear and tear and the effect that you want to achieve. Both engineered and solid wood floor can help you make the interior look great, inspiring and original, but at the same time practical.


Location of the office

The decision which path to follow when choosing between those two wood flooring option is based on the location of the office, but also the subfloor in the given room. If you’re converting an attic space into your office, engineered wood floor would be a recommended option, due to high temperature fluctuations in attic spaces.

The same applies to accommodating a basement for these purpose, due to usually high humidity. This is the reason why it’s preferable to choose engineered wood flooring, which is more resistant to moisture as compared to solid wood. In other areas, both solid and engineered wood flooring will usually do the job equally well.

What wood species shall I choose?

The next stage of the decision-making process involves the choice of the species of wood. The primary factor here is simply your taste and the final effect that you want to achieve. If you’re more traditional, you’ll probably be fond of oak flooring, which will never become passé.

But those seeking a very modern designer look may want to go for one of more stylish options, such as solid black walnut, natural engineered oak, or engineered oak with brushed and white oiled finish. You can be as creative as it gets and pick an option that will best suit your character and the character of your flat.


What wood flooring finish should I choose?

Then, think about the finish for the wood flooring in your home office. The major consideration here is the expected amount of traffic. If the office is dedicated to work-related purposes only, then you can safely choose the finish according to your preferences. It can be oil, matt lacquered or lacquered. But, if you’re expecting heavy footfall in your office, go for a lacquered finish, as it guarantees higher resistance to wear and tear.

After making all the above choices and completing the flooring project for your home office, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful and long-lasting floor which is easy to clean. You will only need to hover it and clean it with a damp mop once or twice a week. Unless you have heavy footfall, it’s basically all you need.


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