Why Is Wide Wood Flooring Becoming Ever More Popular?

March 23, 2016

Wide oak floor boards have become increasingly popular over the recent years. They’re considered a more classy alternative to traditional narrow boards. Our customers sometimes tend to be a bit insecure when it comes to the choice of a wide oak plank and are unsure whether it will look good in their interiors. That’s why we’ve written this blog post to give you a handful of tips and help you make the right decision.


It is true to say that narrow oak planks are usually more suitable for formal settings, such as stately homes and castles. However, wide oak planks will look either casual or formal, depending on what effect you want to achieve. To make your room look stylish and upscale, go for an interesting mix of traditional elements and unexpected items. Probably the best way for an outstanding final effect is to think outside the box.

Nowadays, the rooms in our homes are in general getting smaller. This obviously doesn’t apply to odd lofts and open plan apartments, but the tendency to build interiors that are smaller is prevalent. This tendency to go for smaller interiors is challenging and at the same time offers a vast array of possibilities.


Smaller interiors are definitely cheaper to heat and can be arranged in a stylish and fancy way without straining your budget. Yet, many of our customers are concerned that wide oak planks will be totally inappropriate for a small room. While they sometimes may be right, it’s definitely not always true. You only need to think it through and get a proper plan, as wide oak flooring used in tiny spaces can make the room look bigger, which is the case especially with light floor boards.

But, if you’re re-flooring a big interior, wide or narrow planks will be an equally good option. Wide planks can make large rooms look more in proportion. An interesting tip that will effectively help you bring in the walls of a large room is to use wide oak floor boards together with narrow oak planks.


Rooms that are untypical, for instance very narrow or wide, frequently pose a challenge for people when they want to decide whether a wide or a narrow plank will be more suitable for their room. Just like wide planks will make small interiors look larger, they can also make narrow interiors look wider and long interiors look shorter. This trick works quite like optical tricks used in fashion to make people look good in clothing, by exposing or highlighting certain body parts, while hiding others. Wide oak planks are quite universal and can be used in many interiors to help you achieve various positive results. That’s why you should simply go for it and enjoy a great final result!

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