Wide Wood Flooring - Why It Became So Popular?

August 27, 2016

For several years, wide oak boards have been best-sellers among homeowners. That is a very classy alternative to more classic narrow planks. The customers often worry how a wide oak board will look in their home. We have decided to write this post to discuss this flooring option in detail.

Usually, we associate narrow oak planks with rather formal interiors, especially manors or castles. However, wide oak planks will look casual or formal, depending on what effect you want to achieve. Interiors that are glamorous and elegant need a combination of traditional and modern elements. So, if you want to get the final result of your dreams, you need to bet on creativity and complement your urban lifestyle with one-of-a-kind flooring of your choice.

Right floors for small interiors

Nowadays, rooms in our houses and flats are getting smaller. Exceptions include obviously loft apartments and open plan flats. This opens up new options for us in terms of interior design, but at the same time poses a real challenge. Rooms that are smaller stand for lower heating costs and obviously are cheaper to decorate. However, a lot of our customers are concerned that they will go beyond limits when installing wide oak planks in their small interiors. But, it’s not always like that. Carefully think through all the aspects and have in mind the final effect that you want to achieve – then wide oak planks in small interiors can be perfect, making the room look larger, especially if you go for a light oak floor.

Floors for large interiors

But, if you’re going to lay a floor in a large interior, then you’ve got plenty of possibilities. For big rooms, both wide and narrow planks are an equally good option. However, a wide plank can also render a huge interior look more in proportion. The next interesting tip is to use wide oak planks together with narrow oak planks. It’s an effective method to bring in the walls of a large interior.

Interiors that are wide or narrow frequently pose a challenge for homeowners struggling to make a choice between a wide or a narrow plank. Just like wide planks can fool the eye and make a small space look bigger, wide planks can also be used to make narrow rooms appear wider and long rooms appear shorter. These effects are similar to the effect that specific clothing can have on us, making us look taller or shorter, thinner or chubbier. It’s a very versatile and classy flooring option, so don’t be sceptical and afraid of making it your choice.

Wide floors in different rooms

Read on to learn more about great wide oak planks which you may be interested in when planning on a flooring project. Let’s start with a dining room or a bedroom. How about a wide plank, warm-toned select engineered oak UV lacquered wood floor? Its attractiveness and stylish elegance will enchant your visitors and delight the eye of your family members. With a lot of appeal and irresistible charm, it will take your interior into a whole new dimension. Try combining it with stylish furniture, or very modern items to get the look you’ve dreamt of.

For bathrooms or kitchens, we’d recommend you a natural engineered UV lacquered oak floor, which is black brushed. The UV filter provides protection from light impact that could damage the floor with time. And due to the magnetic appeal, your friends will not be able to tear their gaze away from it.

For a lounge choose wide select engineered oak click brushed UV white oiled board. By using it, you’ll make your interior appear larger and brighter. Additionally, it is suitable for underfloor heating. The result is a very elegant room with very pleasant atmosphere. These wide oak planks will offer a perfect starting point for any room. You’ll be satisfied, no matter your preferences.

In this article, we’ve presented you will several flooring options for wide oak planks and discussed their impact on the overall look of your interior. Most importantly, get creative and don’t be afraid of taking risk. Try out different options which may at first seem risky or unsuitable. The final result you can achieve may be outstanding if you only dare and let your imagination run free. But if you’re not convinced to taking a decision yourself, or need some help, feel free to contact us for support and necessary advice. We’ll help you make all the right choices!


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