Best flooring for kids’ bedrooms

August 9, 2013

What is the best flooring for children’s room? Children’s bedroom can be a disaster zone. From floor to ceiling, every inch of the room takes abuse from toys, crayons, paints, mud and dirty hands. (Tip: It doesn’t get any better when they’re teenagers!) 

So when it comes to décor, your kid’s bedroom needs to tick certain boxes. It needs to be safe, comfortable and hardwearing. Not to mention easy to clean. It’s no surprise then, that wood and laminate flooring are both very popular choices for children’s bedrooms. Here’s why:

Easy to clean: The beauty of wood and laminate floors is that they are a breeze to clean. You can sweep or vacuum your floor as often as you like. There are just a few tips to bear in mind: be careful not to scratch the floor with the vacuum head and always ensure you are using the soft bristle setting on your vacuum cleaner or a sift bristle broom. 

Free of allergens: Unlike most carpets, wood and laminate flooring is free of allergens like dust and pet hair. The smooth surface means you can quickly and easily sweep the floor on a regular basis to ensure a safe, comfortable and sneeze-free environment for your child. 

Strong and long lasting: Floors take a lot of abuse from the small guys, and the last thing you want is to pay for a new floor every time something is spilt or knocked.

Wood and laminate floors- especially engineered wood flooring – is exceptionally durable and will withstand pretty much anything your child can throw at it. Of course, it does depend on the flooring you choose, so be sure to weigh up the properties of the wood flooring before you buy. 

Timeless style: While style might not be you number one priority in this case, it pays to choose flooring that will stand the test of time. Wood flooring comes in a range of styles and colours that will look great with various pink, blue or white furniture depending on your taste.


If wood flooring isn’t your thing or it’s just out of your budget’s reach, laminate flooring offers an inexpensive alternative. Like wood flooring, laminate is also durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. And today there are also many eco-friendly products to choose from, so visit our on-line store or flooring showroom for more advice. 


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