Merbau 3 Strip Flooring

Featuring: Merbau Engineered 3 Strip Floor

July 5, 2013

We have been asked about this floor many times as it is one of the most beautiful floors we have in stock.

Unique and oriental looking Merbau (also knows as Kwila or Ipil) is indigenous to Southeast Asia, western Pacific islands, and Australia. Merbay has a rich reddish brown colour and it is of high quality wood. With a good natural grade this Merbau Engineered 3 Strip actually has very subtle colour variation compared to other 3 Strip flooring. With a smooth matt lacquer finish this is a truly beautiful 3 strip floor bringing alive any room.

For more information on the installation and maintenance, or simply to get order a free sample of this superb wooden floor please go to Our Store. 

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