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How Does Wood Flooring Increase The Selling Value Of Your Property?

July 15, 2017

As the economic environment is difficult and unstable, many people are finding it hard to sell their homes for the price they assumed their home would be worth. In some cases homes are available for sale for extended periods of time, without anyone interested in paying the price set by the homeowner. In other cases, homes are sold at a lower price by homeowners who need money or want to finally sell their house and move on. Consequently, many people are wondering what to do to make your home more likely to sell really fast, and at a good price. As these issues have recently been widely discussed by homeowners and real estate agents, we’ve decided to focus on one aspect that comes up in their comments, namely wood flooring, which is considered a factor in improving the selling potential of the home.


Real estate agents seem to agree that wood flooring is a good investment in your home. They keep indicating that homes where wood flooring has been laid sell faster and achieve higher prices than similar properties which don’t feature wooden floors. Even though it is impossible to reach statistics in this respect, this argument seems to be credible enough.

Undoubtedly, wood flooring has become increasingly popular over the last several years, with a wide range of different flooring options to choose from. You can go for modern or traditional wood flooring, pick light or dark wood, and adjust many other additional features, depending on your preferences and the ambient conditions in the given interior. Additionally, remember that wood flooring is really easy to maintain and keep clean, so it is pretty clear why so many people are looking for this option.

We obviously do not mean to recommend the installation of wood flooring exclusively for the purpose of selling a house which is stuck on the market. However, if you consider selling your house in the short or medium term after installing wood flooring as an option, remember about a few things. Firstly, buy the highest quality wood flooring that fits in your budget. There are many really cheap wood flooring options, which can deteriorate over time, making the flooring project a failed investment. Then, you should also make good choices of the flooring fitter – the floor needs to be well installed and finished – all in order to guarantee a great final result, which will be appealing for potential buyers.

When making all the choices related to the characteristics of your wood flooring, do make sure you pick solutions that will most likely appeal to the majority of potential buyers. For instance, neutral colours will probably be attractive to most people, as they are versatile. By choosing neutral flooring for your home, you can be sure that any potential buyers will be able to imagine themselves living there, which will maximise the selling potential.

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