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How To Repair An Oiled Wooden Floor

March 3, 2022

The main reason you choose a wooden floor over other flooring types is versatility and durability. Essentially, you can repair pretty much any damage. You can either cover up the minor insignificant scratches and dents or perform a complete re-sanding and resealing. So, in this article, we will talk about how to repair an oiled wooden floor.

How to Repair an Oiled Wooden Floor that’s Scratched

In the case of small scratch or notch cover ups, you can repair an oiled wooden floor yourself. Even if you have absolutely no previous experience in this area, you can get it done with a simple how-to guide.

repair an oiled wooden floor

Scratches and notches can appear for various reasons, from dragging or hauling furniture to walking on heels or having eager animals run all over your floor. If these scratches are shallow, you can fix them with some simple and effective products, such as satin oil, hard wax sticks or wood fillers. 

To apply satin oil, you might need a buffer machine. Wood fillers are needed in the case of a dented floor. You can use them in combination with a touch-up lacquer.

The hard wax sticks are very tough, durable little bars that you need to melt down before rubbing them into the damaged areas. So, you’ll need a gas-heated iron for the job. It might be a bit tricky to find the right wax stick colour. We recommend you mix different shades. You can try to do all these yourself. However, if you’re dealing with some severe damage, better call a professional. Look for someone who really knows how to repair an oiled wooden floor.

Yes, we know it’s the year 2022 and people are eager for some DIY, but don’t be too stubborn.

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How To Repair an Oiled Wooden Floor That’s Severely Damaged

Well, this clearly isn’t for DIY. If your oiled floor is scratched all over, a fresh coating will make it look fresh. If you have just a tiny scratched area, you can try dabbing a little olive oil over it. Of course, there is also the solution of buying a professional product.

However, if you’re dealing with several deep scratches and dents, you need a complete re-sand and re-seal.


how to repair an oiled wooden floor

How does sanding help repair an oiled wooden floor? Well, first of all, a professional will remove the top surface of your wooden floor with abrasive material and a specialised machine. This process requires quite a lot of preparation beforehand, as you will need to remove everything from the room. The floors need to be prepared by removing any protrude nails, adhesive and other remainings.

After the uppermost layer of the floor is gone, you will get a nice, flat surface once again. Next comes the application of lacquer and stain, and the floor will look shiny and new again. Of course, you can try to do all this yourself, but the process is quite challenging for a non-professional. Moreover, it might take you a lot more time than someone who has the experience and knows how to repair an oiled wooden floor.

Avoiding the damage

You know how they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure“. So, if you want to repair an oiled wooden floor, you could start by taking care of it. You know what we’re saying?

wooden floors comfy interiors

Try to avoid dragging chairs or any type of furniture across the floor. Furthermore, remember to clean the floor regularly, removing all the stains and the accumulated dirt and dust.

If you want to eliminate the need to repair an oiled wooden floor, try using furniture pads for the tables and chairs. Moreover, you should think about incorporating carpets into your interiors. They will protect your floors and add a chic note to your home.

What is more, make sure you avoid any damage caused by water. Mop up all the splashes or spills immediately after they occur.

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