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How practical are wood floors in the kitchen?

April 25, 2022

A common question in the wood flooring world is whether or not wood floors are a good idea in the kitchens. You know, a lot goes on in the kitchen. Stoves are steaming, sinks are splashing, cooks are spilling stuff on the floors, and the dishwasher runs daily. You might be working from home at the kitchen island while your kids are messing around. Accidents can happen, and they can damage your floor.

But are wood floors in the kitchen that vulnerable to damage? Let’s take a look!

Are wood floors in the kitchen recommended?

If you’re thinking about refurbishing your kitchen and want to get every detail spot-on, it might be that you’re also thinking about wood flooring in the kitchen.

A considerable part of the overall “wow” factor at the end of your efforts will depend on your choice of flooring.

wood floors in the kitchen

Wood flooring adds considerable real estate value to any property. Moreover, it’s visually pleasing and adds an unmistakable texture and geniality to any living space. That earthy genuineness and historical elegance of wood flooring is something tiles cannot really reproduce. So, it makes sense to think about wood floors in the kitchen.

However, you surely have a few concerns regarding wood floors in the place you cook and eat, right? Otherwise, you won’t be reading this article. So, allow us to address your main concerns!

1. Can wood floors handle spills?

So, when you think about wood floors and kitchens, your mind is instantly picturing all sorts of nasty spills and splashes, right? Yeah, we can read minds.

However, hardwood floors can handle spills quite nicely. The problem is in the public perception. You know, you pay a lot for a hardwood floor, and it hurts when you see it dirty. But you can rest assured, your floor is fine.

Yes, in time, and due to excessive moisture, wood floors can cup or buckle. However, with a little care, they’ll be just fine.

engineered wood floors in the kitchen

With a wood floor in the kitchen, you’ll have to be proactive. Be quick to clean any sprays or spills. Place rugs in front of the sink or dishwasher to capture unexpected moisture. Do all these, and your kitchen wood floors will be fine.

If you want to do more, read these tips and tricks on how to waterproof wooden floors.

2. Can wood floors deal with heavy traffic?

The kitchen floor is probably the busiest in the house. They don’t say “the kitchen is the soul of the house” for nothing, you know.

But how well do wood floors handle traffic? Very well. Wood floors can really stand up to heavy traffic, and you shouldn’t worry about that.

3. How are wood floors against stains?

Wood floors are generally stain-resistant. If you’re proactive and eliminate the stains and grease quickly and do not let them get into the wood, you’re fine.

Wood floors, in general, and hardwood floors, in particular, can hold up very well against stains. Besides, here are some simple ways to remove stains from wood floors if they settled in.

4. Cleaning wood floors in the kitchen is a nuisance?!

No, no, no. Wood floors are actually so easy to clean. It’s such a breeze. Regular sweeping and light damp mopping is all it takes, and your wood floors will shine as new.

Moreover, wood floors can be refurbished and re-sanded a couple of times. This way, you’ll feel like you have a new floor each time.

5. Do wood floors last for long?

They can last a lifetime, even if placed in the kitchen. If well cared for, wood floors survive several generations, a lot more than the 20-year lifespan of regular kitchen tiles.

Clearly, the better you treat them, the more they last. With proper maintenance, hardwood floors are undying.

kitchen floors

6. But what about heat?

Wood can expand and contract when the temperature and humidity in the atmosphere change. The kitchen is indeed an environment where the temperature and humidity levels fluctuate a lot. So, they might pose a challenge.

If you want to maintain good wood floors in the kitchen, you need to ventilate the room very well. Keep the windows open while cooking; use a potent extraction fan and kitchen hood to dispel the heat.

In these types of situations, engineered wood flooring is better than hardwood. Its multi-layered structure provides better stability in fluctuating circumstances.

7. What wood finish should I choose for the kitchen floor?

Lacquer finishes and oils can shield the wood surface from liquids and stains. However, you should keep in mind that every time you clean your kitchen floor, you will also wash away some of this finish.

So, you will need to re-sand and refinish your wooden kitchen floors quite a lot. If that doesn’t bother you, then everything is great.

If you want to learn more about different types of wood finishes and their qualities, read this informative guide. It will really help to keep on top of things.

What’s the best type of wood floor to install in the kitchen?

Well, we can surely say that engineered wood flooring is the best solution for kitchens if you want the earthy wood feeling.

Engineered wood means hardwood, and plywood (or MDF) have joined forces to give birth to a prefinished wood flooring type that’s both easy to install and exceptionally durable.

Engineered wood flooring has a higher moisture tolerance than hardwood, and it still looks just as good. Additionally, you can choose from various styles, species and finishes for your kitchen.

Hardwood flooring can also work in the kitchen, but they’re higher maintenance. They’re more expensive, and you will surely walk on eggs at first.

Solid Solid wood floors are susceptible to movements and distortions as a result of extreme heat or moisture. However, you can make it work with a little bit of proactivity.

If your heart is set on wood in the kitchen, but still can’t decide to install a wooden floor, how about porcelain wood effect tiles?

They look just like wood, right?

Do what your heart tells you to do

You know, in a house, everything revolves around the kitchen, and the secret ingredient is always love. So, if you want hardwood floors in the kitchen, install hardwood floors in the kitchen. A happy kitchen makes for a happy life. Don’t forget that!

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