How to Clean And Maintain Laminate Flooring in 7 Simple Steps

October 14, 2013

We love laminate floors – they combine the beauty of wooden floors with extra tough resilience and design versatility like no other flooring.  However, even though laminate floors look like hardwood and seem indestructible, they cannot be refinished. So it’s worth your time and effort to maintain your investment so it withstands the test of time.

At ESB Flooring, we’ve come up with our seven top tips to keep your laminate flooring looking beautiful for longer:


Less is more when it comes to cleaning laminate flooring. A simple micro fibre mop is all you need to remove stains, dust and mites. Don’t use soap, iron-wool or other abrasive cloths on the flooring.


Frequent sweeping is vital in keeping laminate flooring grit and dirt free. If you vacuum, be sure to use a hard-floor attachment.


Choose cleaning products wisely. Cleaners containing waxes and polishes can leave unsightly residues on the floor or cause damage. Consider buying a laminate floor-cleaning kit from the manufacturer or look for a general-purpose laminate floor-cleaning product.


Laminate floors are scratch resistant, but not scratch proof so always lift heavy furniture or appliances rather than dragging, and use coasters or pads to protect your floors from furniture marks.


Keep your floors dry – if there’s one thing you need to know about laminate flooring it’s that moisture can lead to long-term damage. Be sure to clean spills immediately.


If damage occurs, don’t panic! You can touch up the damage with silicon filler and coloured wax sticks. These laminate repair kits are usually sold by manufacturers – however if you are unsure, speak to the professionals at our flooring showroom first.


Be sure to cut and trim your pet’s claws regularly. Pets with long claws can scratch and damage a laminate floor surface.

For more advice on cleaning and maintaining a laminate floor, speak to our ESB Flooring Team or visit our store to view our flooring maintenance product ranges.

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