How To Install Wooden Floors In The Corners?

December 23, 2016

Regardless of the type of a wooden floor you want to fit, installing it around corners is often considered quite a daunting task. If you’ve decided on whether to get solid or engineered wood flooring and want to install it yourself, you will probably manage to fit the floor throughout the main part of the interior quite quickly and without many obstacles. However, the final result you’ll achieve usually depends on how you’re going to finish the job.

Before getting down to work and laying wooden flooring around the corners, you need to do some planning. You will also need some patience and skill. In the case of new houses corners are likely to be exactly 90 degrees. However, in the case of renovation projects or in old houses the corners can be less uniform.

A crucial thing is to remember that the guidelines for handling inside and outside corners are not the same. You also need to check if the wood will run alongside the corner or around it. Moreover, if not all corners are neat 90-degrees, it’s incredibly important to carefully plan how you will fit the wooden flooring around the corner. So, first determine whether you’ll need to handle an inside or an outside corner, whether the floorboards will run along or around the corner and establish the angle of the corner. Then you will be ready to plan the job.

In the case where your flooring goes through a passage way, you need to get two sections of wood flooring together – in such a case you will have to make two 90-degree cuts in order to envelop the corner. In this way the floorboards will be laid in the very same direction in all rooms. But, if you want to create a certain visual effect, you may want to mitre the planks and butt them around the corner (creating 45 degree angles).

In the case of odd shaped angles, it’s very helpful to prepare a template of the corner which you want to cut on paper. With such a paper template you will precisely draw the shape on the floorboard and will be able to cut the wood without any stress that you’re going to waste the plank. Our next advice is that you should tape the paper to the original floor when making the paper template – in this way it won’t slip when you’ll make the markings. Having precisely marked the corner, you can remove the paper, cut the wood respectively and check whether it exactly fits around the given corner. This is a method which makes fitting wooden floors around corners much easier and much more convenient.


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