Maintenance of Oiled and Lacquered Wooden Floors

May 7, 2015

If you want to enjoy the elegance of your natural hardwood floor for many years, you need to preserve it properly and use proper maintenance techniques. The worst enemy of floors made of natural wood are such factors as water and sand. Therefore, your most important task consists in protecting your floor against the influence of those harmful factors.

Additionally, hardwood floors require proper constant temperature and level of humidity, which has an impact on how it looks. The optimum temperature in rooms with hardwood flooring ranges from 18 to 22°C. Whereas, the humidity of air should stand at 45-65 percent.

Maintenance of Hardwood Floors with Lacquered Finish

Floors with a lacquer finish do not require any special maintenance activities. Everyday care consists in hoovering it and wiping it with a damp cloth. From time to time, you need to wash it carefully using water with a special floor care product for wooden floors.


You shouldn’t use any products containing soap-like substances. Even though floors with a lacquer finish do not require any special maintenance procedures, when the floor starts looking dull or is slightly scratched, you can sand it and then reapply the lacquer finish.

Maintenance of Hardwood Floors with Oiled Finish

Oiled hardwood floors need more care and treatments than the ones with a lacquer finish. On everyday basis, you should hoover it or use a sweeper to remove dirt.

During wet cleaning use gentle detergents designed specifically for cleaning oiled floors. Such a product should be diluted in water.


While cleaning use a damp cloth soaked in that solution. The cloth needs to be wrung well, so that it is damp and not wet. This will ensure that the floor will dry within two minutes from cleaning.

Once half a year, and in areas which are exposed to high traffic, every 2 or 3 months, hardwood floor needs to be oiled again with the use of a special wood care oil flooring finish.

Before applying the new layer of oil, you need to carefully remove all smudges. Thanks to such maintenance of a hardwood floor, you will be able to enjoy it for long years.

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You can read more about wood flooring maintenance in our Ultimate Wood Flooring Guide.

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