What Are The Most Popular Wood Flooring Accessories?

October 4, 2015

Laying new floors can completely change the appearance of your house. It should be a well-thought-out investment, as making proper decisions in this respect will guarantee that the floor is appropriate for the given interior and long-lasting. It is crucial to choose proper floor covering (e.g. laminate, hardwood, specific wood type), the right underlay as well as use the right fixings and adhesive.

However, it is also important to pay attention to the edging and the borders of the floor. If you are finishing the floor area next to a radiator pipe, looking for a method to cover a threshold or seeking an edging which perfectly suits the interior design, think about different borders available, as they are very important to guarantee that you get the best final flooring results.


Beading is crucial, as it fills in the gap between the floor and the skirting board – it allows the wood to expand and contract without leaving unattractively looking gaps around the edges of the given room. You can choose between two types of beading, namely: scotia and quadrant. Scotia beading is a decorative moulding used to cover the gap without removing the skirting.

It is of a concave design. Both can be used, depending on the preferences of the homeowner, but remember to be consistent, by choosing only one type for a given project. Avoid mixing them, as the entire project has to look uniform and create a consistent whole.


Beading is available in a wide range of colours and finishes to match almost all wooden floors. Most of the people go for beading which perfectly suits their floor. However, if you want to give your floor a special twist, choose coloured beading, which will add a bit of character to the whole interior design.


Remember about pipe roses, also known as pipe covers. These elements are designed to cover the holes around pipes and guarantee a perfect final result. They are quick and easy to install. Remember to ensure that the flooring edges are protected from wear and tear – pipe roses will help you do so, as they play an important role in making your new flooring longer-lasting.


There are different types of pipe roses available, plastic or wooden, and they come in various finishes. In general, pipe collars should blend in with the background décor to the largest possible extent, so it is recommended to use a pipe collar whose tone matches the flooring – people most often go for this option.


Door bars or thresholds are commonly used across door thresholds. They are a kind of a transition between one room and another, where a different flooring types can be used. They also guarantee stability of the floor, which prevents tripping risk. When choosing a door bar for your home, go for the one that looks attractive according to your personal preference. However, remember that their design should be adjusted to the given type of flooring and beading, as the final look should be coherent.


Even though skirting boards may sometimes not need to be replaced, new ones will certainly improve the look of your floor and refreshing it.

If you’ve already installed the flooring and all the required accessories, remember to properly maintain the floor and all the additional elements, which will guarantee their durability. If any of the accessories used are made of real wood, purchase some quality oil, which will guarantee proper care. Moreover, always clean the floor with products that are right for the material which the flooring is made of, otherwise it may quickly get damaged over time. See our laminate flooring cleaner.

No rush. Devote sufficient time to choosing proper accessories, as you should ensure your floor has a top-class professional finish, which you’ll be able to enjoy for years.

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