What Are The best Flooring Options For Rental Homes?

December 29, 2017

Along with the growing number of rental properties on the market, which are rented by either traditional or accidental landlords (the people who can’t sell their houses or flats, so they rent them out), it has become increasingly important to make the given property stand out. There are several ways of doing so which we can think of, and one of them is to make it look very attractive and appealing. A very simple way to make the given rental property appealing to many potential tenants is by ensuring that the décor is timeless, full of light and fresh. And thus, wood flooring will definitely be a good choice, which will grab the attention of many tenants.

Laying wood flooring in a rental property makes it more interesting and superb, but it also gives it a more hygienic and timeless look. No matter whether you opt for solid or engineered wood flooring, you can rest assured that the interest in your property will grow and even the pickiest of the potential renters will not be alienated – just the opposite. Depending on your individual preferences, you can go for light or dark wood flooring, as either will make your property look great, helping ensure that it’s rented out without any difficulty.

The decision concerning the right wood flooring for a rental property needs to be made taking into account the fact that it is an investment in a floor which should be resistant, long-lasting and be able to withstand higher and heavier traffic. Even if your budget is tight, do make sure that you make the best possible choice which will fit your budget. In the meantime, you may want to re-sand and re-finish the flooring so as to restore it, for instance before new tenants move in. As a landlord you would probably want that any damage which your flooring suffers can be repaired without much fuss. Provided that you don’t have underfloor heating in your flat or house, you can re-floor and re-finish the main rooms using solid wood, which will last really long and will allow you to sleep like a baby, without the need to worry about any repairs that may become necessary. However, bear in mind that kitchens and bathrooms are special areas from the flooring perspective. It would be best to install engineered wood flooring there, due to fluctuations in moisture and temperature level. Moreover, when laying wood flooring in a bathroom or a kitchen, it’s good to ensure that allowances are made for any plumbing maintenance that may be required in the future.

Additionally, as a landlord of a flat or apartment, you should remember and follow any applicable noise regulations. Blocks of flats across the UK need to follow certain building regulations. And lease agreements may oblige you to meet to specific terms so as to make the living conditions pleasant for all tenants. In the case of non-observance of those restrictions, you may be fined or have problems with neighbours – and that’s something every landlord probably wants to steer clear of.

In general, if you have any neighbours downstairs, then you need to make every effort to reduce any noise pollution from your flat or apartment. In the case of wood flooring in your flat or apartment, you should take special measures, as without them the noise levels will be increased. Your obligation as a landlord is to ensure that the noise pollution coming from your flat or apartment to those of your neighbours is reduced to a minimum. Building Regulations Approved Document E (2003 with further updates and amendments) sets out the technical aspects of this obligation, but basically you should resort to common sense when laying wood flooring in your flat or apartment.


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