4 Tips That Will Help You Get Rid Of Wood Flooring Gaps

February 15, 2016

In this short article, we’d like to give you some tips on the steps that need to be taken to resolve the problem of wood flooring gaps. 


1. Sliding boards back into their place


In the case of floors that have not been fixed to the sub-floor, boards can sometimes be slid back into their place. The approach that you should adopt is to work around the perimeter of the given room and carefully get the boards back into their place. If necessary, wooden pegs can be applied, as they will prevent the floorboards from moving back again. And one more tip for those having an unfixed floor – remember not to drag or slide any heavy furniture across the floor, as then gaps are far more likely to develop.


2. Filler strips



Another option is to put filler strips into the gaps. These are fine lengths of wood (the same variety and colour as your flooring). It’s a very easy solution, as you only need to insert the strips into the gaps between floorboards. You don’t need to glue them down or use anything else to fix them. After inserting the strips, it may be necessary to gently sand the floor so as to make it smooth.


3. Gap filling with dust and resin


Gaps can also be filled with the use of a dust and resin filler. Such a filler is a perfect solution for small gaps and insignificant separations. It’s equally easy to handle, just like the second solution that we’ve presented above. Simply put together some sawdust of the same colour as your flooring with clear resin filler, mixing it until you get a firm paste. Then fill the gaps, applying the paste you’ve just made with a spatula – it’s extremely easy and gives great results.


4. Acrylic fillers



The last option that we’d like to discuss are acrylic fillers in a relevant colour which matches your floor. There are a lot of colour-match acrylic fillers available on the market in a broad variety of shades. You only need to pick the colour which perfectly suits the shade of your floor and then follow the instructions on the product packaging. This solution will help you enjoy a gap-free floor which is smooth and elegant.


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