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5 Bathroom Flooring Ideas and Design Styles

November 21, 2021

The bathroom flooring has to put up with a challenging environment. We’re talking water everywhere, steam, constant traffic and the list can go on.

If you want a stylish bathroom, then you need to think long and hard about all the available bathroom flooring options out there. If you’re going to take the safe but monotonous way, you choose the same white-grey tile you’ve seen in most bathrooms around the globe.

We’re not saying there’s something wrong with that. Not at all. However, you should consider bathroom flooring design just as important as any other in your home.

Decor matters in the bathroom as well. In fact, it’s exciting and always challenging to find new bathroom flooring ideas and materials that will serve both: style and functionality.

No need to worry, though. We’re here to share 5 bathroom flooring options you should consider for your home. They are bound to make a visual impact but also feel warm and comfortable underfoot. Furthermore, it’s essential for bathroom flooring to be non-slippery and safe. So, let’s see!

1. Vinyl Bathroom Flooring

Vinyl bathroom offers are an all-around solution. They provide quite good thermal and acoustic insulation.

Bathroom vinyl flooring UK is probably the least slippery of all the others on this list. Tiles can become slippery when wet. Marble or quartz are usually the slipperiest.

Nevertheless, if you like the look of natural stone in your bathroom, you could try a stone effect vinyl. It’s less costly and still looks good.

Furthermore, vinyl bathroom floors are incredibly versatile and could easily fit in most bathroom shapes or sizes. They work particularly well, even if you have uneven walls or an uneven floor surface to deal with.

Moreover, vinyl bathroom flooring is suitable for underfloor heating systems, and it’s a popular choice in modern bathrooms. In fact, with the right products, you can even get a luxury vinyl flooring bathroom.

2. Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom Flooring

Black and white stencilled tiles are one of the hottest 2021 trends. They offer a fantastically retro bathroom feeling. What is more, you can mix and match them to create a range of amazing effects.

Tiles do tend to be colder underfoot and quite slippery when wet. So, you surely need to consider bathroom mats on tiles. Tiles can also tolerate strong cleaners and are easy to wash.

bathroom flooring design

Porcelain tiles might not be the easiest to install on our list. They are a bit challenging to cut. However, porcelain bathroom floors look stunning. More than that, they are perfect for demanding areas such as a wet room.

With porcelain tiles, you can achieve a lavish, textured and stylish look without sacrificing too much durability.

Ceramic tiles absorb a bit more water than porcelain. So, if your bathroom is always a wet area, you might want to go with ceramic. Ceramic tiles are not as delicate as porcelain, though. They are more hard-wearing and ideal for the majority of bathrooms.

We know from experience that water and wood don’t mix. However, if you really want a wooden bathroom floor, then engineered wood flooring is the answer.

Engineered wood consists of several layers that can create a sturdy surface, reducing the risk of warping. With a little bit of care, you can maintain an engineered wood floor in the bathroom.

beautiful bathroom interior

This type of floor is also great for installing underfloor heating. Moreover, it does really look great and your bathroom will be quite unique and very natural.

4. Bathroom Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring in the bathroom? Quite a bit odd, you’d think? Well, it can work well if you install it correctly and finish it perfectly. The secret is in the finish because it can keep the water from penetrating through to the plaster or planking.

Moreover, laminate is a type of bathroom flooring that is really scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. A floating laminate floor could work well in the bathroom. It will allow for a better expansion of the boards.

laminate bathroom flooring

5. Natural Stone in the Bathroom

Well, if you crave a natural stone bathroom, go for the downstairs bathroom. Upstair flooring needs to be relatively light, or it will put an unnecessary strain on the rafters.

Apart from this, natural stone is an exquisite choice for the bathroom. However, you should note that marble, granite, or limestone can pose quite a few moisture problems. Moreover, it can prove cold and quite slippery. It does hold an excellent resale value, though.

natural stone bathroom flooring

Nevertheless, if you really like the look, you can go for tiles with a stone look.

So, What is The Best Bathroom Flooring?

Vinyl, tiles, laminate or natural stone can work well, provided they are of good quality and correctly installed.

Bathroom floors tend to get wet often, so it’s crucial to ensure that the floor surface is correctly finished. You need to avoid water infiltrations into the planking or plaster.

In terms of design, a light-coloured bathroom floor usually makes the floor space look bigger and provide a spacious, airy ambience. However, dark bathroom floors add a striking visual impact giving a warmer look to larger floor spaces.

So, what should it be?

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