How To Measure Room Size?

January 2, 2015

You have decided to buy wood flooring from ESB. It is serious investment which will add beauty and value to your home. But how much flooring you should buy? We have prepared short guide on how to measure your room in order to determine the quantity of wood floor which needs to be bought.


Measuring single room

Grab the tape measure, pencil and the piece of paper – you are going to write down some numbers. To know how much flooring to buy you need to know the total area of the room. Measure the length and the width of the room in meters (that is the measurement unit ESB sells all floors in). Make sure that you measure all 4 walls – not all rooms are square. Then take the longest length and width measurements and multiply them. That figure will show room area in square meters. You can also measure it in centimetres if needed. In this case in order to get square metereage you will have to divide the result by 10000. 

For example the room is 4x6m the total are is 12sqm.

If the room is 125 x 240cm total area is 3sqm (30000cm / 10000 = 3)



Measuring L-shaped room

If you have a closet to deal with or your room is not a simple rectangle you need to do more measuring. First divide the room into rectangles (or rectangle and square):



Then determine the square are size of each area and add those together.

 In this case smaller room is 3 x 3m = 9sqm

Larger room is 4 x 6m = 24sqm.

This is a lot easier if you draw a diagram of the room on paper. Once you have a total add 10% of this number for cutting allowance.

You can do it in two ways:

1. 24sqm x 10% = 2.4sqm, then 24sqm + 2.4sqm = 26.4sqm

2. 24sqm x 1.1 = 26.4sqm

If you doing a customized installation like installing the floor 45 degrees to the wall add 15% of cutting allowance. But when it comes to customized installation, unless you have a lot of experience in installing floors, ESB recommends that you leave customized techniques to the professionals. One last thing to do in the estimating phase you need to decide the direction you want your floor planks to go. We recommend installing your floor perpendicular to the floor joists. Now, that you have your measurements set and installation layout decided you can buy the flooring. Remember – when you get it home make sure you store boxes either in the room where are you going to install your flooring or in the area that has the same temperature conditions as that room.

For advice about the best wood flooring for your home feel free to contact the ESB sales team. Contact us now to request your no hassle no obligation free samples or come down to our North London showroom for a closer look. 

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