Edging Styles In Wood Flooring: Square Edge, Micro Bevelled Or Bevelled Edge?

January 11, 2016

Apart from the aspects that we’ve mentioned here multiple times, there is one more thing that you need to know before you start any wood flooring project. The edges of wood flooring boards differ from one another, even though most people who are not wood flooring experts usually tend to think that all are virtually the same.

Therefore, apart from the need to choose one of several species of wood, colours, styles, board widths, or finishes, you will need to take one more choice, namely chose the type of edges. Consider this carefully, as it will affect the final result of your flooring project. It’s worth getting to know the meaning of different terms, getting into detail and comparing different options to find one which is best for you, depending on your individual preferences.

Square edge floors

Square edge wood floors have a really uniformly smooth surface, creating a clean and sleek finish. The edges of individual planks fit perfectly, thus such a floor blends seamlessly from one plank to the next. This sort of flooring is made up of boards which have perpendicular edges (at 90 degrees).


Picture 1. Square Esdge Laminate Flooring


When it comes to the edges, such boards have not been worked any further. This edging style is usually more expensive as compared to the bevelled edge wood floor, because in the case of square-edged boards there is a much higher risk that the edges will get damaged when being packed, stored or in distribution. But anyway it is really worth its price.

Square edge flooring will look exceptional in the proper setting and will really make an impression on the visitors. Probably the only problem when it comes to square edge wood flooring is that if you want to handle the fitting yourself, you can accidentally damage the boards at the edges – then they can stick out and negatively affect the entire end result.

Bevelled edge wood floors

Bevelled edge wood floors are floors where planks have bevels on their edges. They differ from square edge wood floors – their manufacturing process does not require so much precision. In the case of square edged planks, the process of cutting them requires immense meticulousness, while in the case of bevelled edges, it allows for a certain margin of error.  


Picture 2. Bevelled Wood Flooring Boards

Moreover, bevelled edge flooring is also more convenient in terms of installation. In the case of this flooring type, insignificant errors or slightly uneven subfloors are less likely to affect the final result to such an extent as in the case of square edge flooring. When you think about maintenance, bevelled edges are somewhat better in this respect, as bevels accumulate dust and dirt left on the floor, removing it and thus protecting the floor from getting damaged.

Micro-bevelled edge wood floors

Micro-bevelled edge wood floors are floors are floors which have a small edge cut at 45 degrees along the length of each board. It’s much like bevelled edge wood floor, however, it has a slightly smaller cut.


Picture 3. Micro-Bevelled Wood Flooring Boards


As we’ve already mentioned, bevelled edge floor guarantees a completely smooth floor surface. With micro-bevelled edge you’ll also achieve a regular end result, but the edges of individual boards will be slightly visible.

All most important advantages and disadvantages of each edging style in a nutshell:

Square Bevelled Micro-bevelled

Square Edge:

exceptional end result

quite costly

challenging installation


quite affordable as compared to square edges

nice end result

relatively easy installation (margin of error)

your floor will be in good condition for a longer time

Micro Bevelled:

price usually similar to bevelled edges

nice end result

relatively easy installation (margin of error)

accumulates dust and dirt (but to a lesser extent as compared to bevelled edges)

Consider the above factors and try to make a choice. You should focus on the end result that you want to get and the costs which you are likely to accept for the given flooring project. If you really want to have a really smooth floor surface and a sleek finish, there is basically no better solution for you than square edge wood floor. However, if you prefer a floor that looks slightly more natural, or if you want a more cost-affordable solution, you’ll most probably be satisfied with bevelled or micro-bevelled flooring.


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