How To Clean Laminate Floors?

March 2, 2014

Cleaning laminate floors on regular basis is necessary in order to avoid scratching or warping, but using harsh cleaning agents can damage the laminate or create streaks. Use dry mop during general cleaning but if you are going to clean your floor more intense you should apply mild cleaners and use warm water. Below you will find 5 best ways to clean laminate floors.

1. General Cleaning of Laminate Floors

– sweep the floor regularly using dry dust mop in order to remove everyday dirt and dust. Excess dirt, debris or hair can cause scratches to develop if allowed to build up over time,

– you can use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment instead of dry mop,

– sweep in the direction that the laminate planks were laid. It will allow you to pick up any debris that falls in between the planks,

– immediately clean up any liquid spills using a sponge or cloth – liquid (including water) can damage or stain protective layer of laminate flooring.


2. You Can Clean Laminate Floors With Hot Water

– this method is required every on regular basis – every few months or after your floor gotten muddy or notably dirty,

– hot water leaves no stains when cleaning is done correctly,

– because the water is the mildest cleanser possible this cleaning method will not leave any marks or streaks,

– fill a bucket with hot water and soak a sponge mop in it (it is easier to control saturation level of the sponge mop that traditional mop),

– wring it out so the mop is only mildly dump,

– give the flooring a thorough mopping – cover the entire floor, starting from the centre and working your way out,

– since the mop is only barely damp, you may need to re-soak and re-wring it a few times during the cleaning process,

– if the laminate is barely moist, you can let it air dry. Otherwise, wipe it dry with a clean microfiber cloth,

– do not use an abrasive cloth, since this may scratch the flooring.


3. Vinegar Helps To Keep Laminate Floors Cleaner.

– pour  60 ml white vinegar into a 1L  spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with plain water and shake well to combine. Vinegar must be combine with water because it is too abrasive to be used in its pure form,

– spray the vinegar onto the floor in areas no larger than small 30 cm squares,

– do not spray the entire floor with the vinegar at once – you need to wipe the solution off the floor almost immediately,

– immediately after spraying the vinegar solution on the floor, wipe it off with a soft microfiber cloth or sponge mop,

– dry the laminate flooring.


4. Use Of Soaps When Cleaning Laminate Floors

– fill the bucket with hot water,

– add a mild detergent (like mild liquid dish detergent or baby shampoo) and mix it with water until soap dissolves and bubbles begin to form,

– do not use dyed detergents, bleach or other strong chemicals,

– soak sponge mop in the soapy solution and then wring it out,

– this method is  a good choice when cleaning floors that have been exposed to mud, salt-covered snow boots, or other major forms of contamination,

– start from one side of the room and work your way to the other side, covering the entire floor,

– re-soak and re-wring the mop as necessary to make your way across the entire floor,

-if you used a small amount of water, the flooring should air dry quickly. If it does not show any signs of air drying by the time you reach the other side of the room, dry it by hand using a dry microfiber cloth.


5. Removing Stains From Laminate Floors.

Cleaning laminate flooring is not only about regular maintenance. Sometimes ad hoc and emergency cleaning is needed.

– blood stains can be removed using window cleaner,

– remove the chewing gum with a plastic knife and rub off any residue with a soft, damp cloth,

– wipe away crayon marks, wine, soda or ink soda, wine, crayon marks, or ink with a mildly damp microfiber cloth,

– to remove  she polish, nail polish or tar from the surface of laminate floors simply use acetone nail polish remover. Add a little nail polish remover to a microfiber cloth and scrub the stain until it comes up,

– simply rub the pencil eraser over heel marks and shoe scuffs until they lift off the laminate,

– in order to remove grease from your laminate flooring apply an ice pack or a package of frozen vegetables to the spot until the grease hardens. Scrape the frozen grease off using a plastic kitchen knife.

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