How To Remove Stains From The Wood Flooring?

December 7, 2016

It may happen that you’ve just finished a new flooring project at your home and watch it, marvelling at the results, and you suddenly discover a stain that spoils everything. It’s a disaster (or so you think). It’s definitely true to say that you may need a helpful hand of a professional in the case of major stains. But, when it comes to many types of stains, you can definitely manage removing them yourself. What you need is only a handful of useful tips for floor stain removal, which we’ve put together for you in this article.

Preventing stain formation on the floor

But before we move on to wooden floor stain removal, don’t forget one thing we always stress: prevention is always better than cure. You can always take certain precautionary measures which will help you prevent the formation of stains, or if it’s too late, facilitate the process of stain removal, so that it’s convenient and requires as little effort as possible. A crucial thing in preventing stains on your solid or engineered wood flooring is to ensure the floor has the right finish suited to its location in the house. Floors with lacquered finish are very hard-wearing – the lacquer layer protects the floor, but also gives it a shine. For this reason the lovers of floors which look more natural often go for an oiled floor. No matter which one you choose, always make sure to see if the finish on your floor is in a good state of repair – this will save you time and money you would otherwise need to spend on stain removal.

Our next tip that will prove helpful in reducing the risk of stains and damage to your floor is getting a top-quality doormat. Thanks to a proper doormat no grit, dust and dirt will be brought into the house. By preventing that you not only ensure that your floor always looks clean and tidy, but also avoid damage to its surface – dirt can act as an abrasive factor, damaging the floor finish and thus making it easier for any possible stains to get deeper into the floor structure.

Regular floor cleaning

The next thing you need to remember is regular cleaning. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions or ask your flooring provider for information about cleaning methods and products suitable for this particular flooring type. In the case of most wooden floors, you need to vacuum the floor on a regular basis, once or twice a week, and then clean it with a damp cloth. Remember to clean it thoroughly, not to leave any dirt or staining. This will reduce the risk of ingrained staining of your floor and will prevent dents and scratches caused by the accumulated dirt.

However, no matter how hard you try and protect the floor, you simply can’t avoid staining. Stains will occur from time to time and you simply have to deal with it. But, here’s our advice on how to tackle them the right way:

Grease stains on the floor

Fat or grease stains on your floor can be tackled, by quickly cooling the grease using ice (in a bag), which will reduce its temperature and allow it to solidify. Then, you will need to scrape it off using a blunt, rounded tool.

Wine stains on the floor

Stains left after someone has spilt alcohol on a wooden floor should be handled with warm water, a soft (e.g. cotton) cloth and a mild detergent. Stains of this type can be removed with ease, by simply wiping the floor gently with a cloth dipped in a weak solution of the detergent. This advice is also useful in the case of fruit and lipstick stains on your wooden floor.

Blood stains on the floor

In the case of blood stains, for instance from cuts on the foot or finger, the best way to tackle them is cold water. Always try to act as quickly as possible and remove the stain as soon as it appears, by wiping it with a soft cloth soaked in cold water. More severe stains may require applying more pressure, but in general this straightforward and not very demanding method is very effective, leaving your floor without any traces of a mishap.

Removing shoe scuffs

If you’re trying to remove shoe scuffs, our advice is to get a large rubber or eraser. This simple item, which everyone of us should have in their home, will do the trick, leaving your floor impeccably clean. 

Crayons stains on the floor

And finally a simple and very effective stain removal technique which will definitely prove extremely useful in the case of families with children. Anyone with small children has probably faced a situation in which your little one decided to use crayons to draw lovely pictures on everything around them, including your wooden floor. Don’ wring your hands – just use a small amount of toothpaste, applying in on a soft cloth. And there you are, the stain is gone.


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