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7 Wood Floor Patterns That Never Get Old

January 10, 2022

Wood floor patterns can definitely change the look of your interiors. From the timeless appeal of a herringbone parquet to the effortless style of chevron, the choice is always tricky.

Moreover, deciding on between wood floor patterns will also influence the furniture placement and the room layout. Flooring patterns can totally change the flow of your space. So, it’s essential to get them right.

What Wood Floor Patterns Do I Choose?

Some wood floor patterns are best suited for the bedroom, some for the living. Moreover, the different types of wooden floor patterns can make a room seem bigger or smaller.

Some wood floor patterns are more difficult to install than others. So, you’ll have to think twice if you want to DIY them.

Therefore, you need quite a guide on wood floor patterns, and here it is for you.

We have singled out 7 most common wood flooring layout patterns. We’ll talk about chevron and herringbone. We’ll also discuss the random and brick patterns. One interesting item on our list will be the basket weave pattern. But let’s get started, and you’ll see!

1. Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone is probably the most well-known flooring pattern in Europe. It’s perfect for larger rooms. Historians say it dates back to the Roman Empire. It seems Roman builders would lay the bricks in a V-shape to create their ultra-modern road network at that time.

However, it was in the 16th century when herringbone really started to enter our homes via “French parquetry”.

Stylish interior herringbone flooring

If you plan it the right way, herringbone flooring can still look sophisticated, even in this day and age. When installing a floor in the herringbone pattern, you need to lay individual blocks of wood with 90-degree angles. It’s not the easiest installation method. So, it would be better to call help to install the Herringbone wood floor patterns.

2. Chevron Pattern

Chevron can make a room look larger than it actually is. Just like herringbone, it is a very old and classic pattern that simply stays present. You can find it in most grand buildings and manor houses all across Europe.

brushed and oiled chevron pattern

You can lay chevron flooring parallel to the wall or diagonally. It depends on the look and the final result you want to achieve. Laying planks diagonally will make the room look much larger and grandiose. So, if that’s your purpose, go for that method.

Both chevron and herringbone are quite expensive wood floor patterns. They also take some time due to the specific nature of the installation. Unfortunately, they also involve more waste than in the case of other flooring options. Nevertheless, the final result of a durable and visually attractive floor will surely compensate for these shortcomings.

3. Random Wood Floor Patterns

When you just want to achieve a random pattern, you can use blocks of wood of different lengths. Get as creative as possible. “Random” does not mean “bad”. It’s just a less-structured look compared to the other wood floor installation methods.

Room with Random Wood Flooring Pattern

If you don’t have a specific pattern in mind and want to go with “random” wood floor patterns, we advise you to install the boards in a parallel design layout. You can use a mixture of different widths. The final result will be a bit rustic, with an energetic flow to it.

4. Brick Pattern

The brick pattern implies using boards of regular lengths installed like traditional brickwork. You can use this installation method in the entire room. Simply install blocks of brick patterns and surround them with borders or feature strips. It will make the final result more eye-catching.

Brick Flooring Pattern

5. Basket Weave Pattern

Basketweave wood floor patterns offer high flexibility. You can use the vast majority of wood types in either single or dual colours. The final result can be stunning.

Room with Basket Weave Pattern

6. Straight Wood Floor Patterns

This is one of the easiest wood flooring layout patterns out there. You just lay the boards side by side, from wall to wall. So, if you have a small room, set up the boards along the longest wall. This will make the area look bigger than it really is.

straight wood floor patterns

7. 3D Parquet

3D parquet is present in the great manor house of Europe. Therefore, there is a classic feeling to it. However, it also is beautiful and modern; might we say a bit mind-blowing?

However, the 3D illusion is not easy to obtain. You need an expert installer, good wood and a lot of time. You need to cut everything to size. It takes precision and accuracy to get this look.

If you have further questions regarding parquet wood flooring types or you are looking for advice about the best wood flooring for your home, feel free to contact the ESB sales team. Contact us now to request your no-hassle no-obligation free samples, or come down to our North London showroom for a closer look. 

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