French Oak Flooring Range At ESB Flooring - Herringbone, Chevron And Planks

July 6, 2017

French Oak is considered one of the most attractive wood species. It plays a significant part in French winemaking and is a very sought-after wood flooring option. Interestingly enough, it owes its popularity first and foremost to the reputation it has gained over the years and not so much to the fact that oak originating in France is particularly better or different, for instance, from its American equivalents.

Oak trees are known for their slow growth as well as their measurements and their particular strength, regardless of the region where they grow. They usually reach heights of over 20 meters, and oak tree has for years been a symbol of power and incredible strength. Some of you probably know that oak trees have been widely depicted in Greek and Roman mythology and have also been featured on some old British coins.

Oak wood is available in a variety of different colours, starting from pale, almost white, to dark brown, depending on its variety. It is a great wood flooring option, available in finished and unfinished versions. The features of oak flooring depend on several factors – no matter in which country the given tree has grown. These are the type of soil, climate, the growth rate and the tree’s age. Additionally, their features also depend to a large extent on how carefully the trees are selected for their wood. Generally speaking, oak is more or less the same all over the world – no matter where it originates from. You’re now probably wondering why French oak is considered so special and why it is such a desirable wood flooring option.

The answer is quite straightforward – wood may be the same the world over, but there are differences between the services and products offered by different oak producers. And such countries as France, Germany and Great Britain are known for producing top-quality oak floors, which makes them a very popular and desirable choice among homeowners. However, countries all over the world can produce very high-quality oak products. Russia, America, China and the Far East are some of the less sought-after oak producers, but you shouldn’t claim that the quality of their products is any lower compared to their western European counterparts.

Here, at ESB Flooring in North London, we stock beautiful French oak flooring – dark brushed and UV matt lacquered. This flooring option can be easily mistaken for flooring that has been reclaimed from an old building. It’s definitely a universal flooring option, which suits both modern designer interiors and shabby chic or antique rooms. As this hardwood is quite dark, it would look perfect in a black and white interior – looking classy and chic both now and in the years to come. This floor is among the most popular products in our product range right now.

And last, but not least, as it’s an engineered flooring option, you can have it installed virtually anywhere you want, including interiors with high moisture or temperature level fluctuations, as well as over under-floor heating (UFH).

These 125-wide planks are offered by ESB Flooring in three different patterns:





Standard planks


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