How To Avoid Damaging Wood Flooring By Furniture?

March 6, 2017

Having installed a wooden floor and achieved the end result you had planned, you would do all you can to prevent damage to your floor caused by daily use or furniture. Wood floors are a great choice, as they look natural, are really outstanding and durable. However, to keep them in good condition you need to remember about certain preventive measures that should be taken. The most important ones include regular maintenance and taking appropriate care when moving your furniture. Let’s focus on the latter one.

Moving furniture

Moving furniture when cleaning the floor can cause serious damage to your floor, one that can turn out not that easy to repair. Sadly, people usually tend to drag their furnishings across the floor, so as to enable thorough cleaning in areas that would otherwise be hardly accessible. It’s very important to avoid that and prevent your furniture from wrecking havoc all around your wood floors during the cleaning process, as in this way you can do more harm than good. To do so, always take some time to ensure that you lift your furnishings when moving them, instead of dragging them. You can ask someone for assistance – it’s always better to have someone else help you prevent your furniture from falling onto the floor and scratching it by accident.

However, if you need to drag your furniture, for instance because it’s too heavy to lift or for any other reason, don’t forget to carefully place a thick rug or a piece of carpet under the cupboard or sofa and then slide the piece of furniture gently across the floor. That said, always try to avoid dragging the furniture across the floor if that’s only possible.

Protective pads

The second tip that will help you take care of your floor and protect it against the unwanted scratches or dents are protective pads, cups or mats. They can be made of different type of material and are available in most DIY shops or stores with flooring accessories. Remember to place them under all table and chair legs which come in contact with your wood floor. This solution will ensure that your furnishings don’t have any direct contact with the floor, thus protecting your wood floor from damage.

Pieces of furniture which are particularly heavy also entail a high risk of damage to your wood floor and therefore they require special treatment. When it comes to wood flooring care and protection, the worst type of weight is any weight that is unevenly distributed or concentrated on legs or feet of a given item. Let us imagine a heavy cupboard whose weight is distributed onto several pointed feet – it’s obvious that they may cause dents. In order to protect the wooden floor against this type of furniture damage, go for rubber protectors or cups, placing them under the feet. This will prevent the floor’s surface from being pierced by excess weight cumulated in several points. You can

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