How To Choose Right Varnish For Your Wooden Floor?

January 20, 2017

Need to pick varnish for your wooden floor? If you’re uncertain as to what will be the right decision, read on and learn what aspects need to be considered in your specific case. Often, there’s no one single answer to the question of what varnish would be the best. A lot depends on your taste and your own preferences.

Technically speaking, varnish is a resin dissolved in a liquid that is spread on a surface, such as wood, metal, or other materials, which forms a hard, clear, shiny surface when dry. This term is frequently used to denote all various types of wood flooring seal.

We’ve probably stressed it multiple times and I will emphasise it once more – it should be a priority to use a quality varnish or seal, as it will extend the life expectancy of the wooden floor, making it look good for much longer. Therefore, making the right choice is really important here. In this decision-making process numerous factors need to be taken into account. Those include:

Final look

The first thing most of you will probably focus on when choosing the type of varnish or seal for your floor is the final result which you’d like to achieve. You need to remember that some sorts of varnish give the floor a matt finish, leaving the colour of wood unchanged. Other can give it a high gloss finish. Some may influence its colour, making it slightly yellowish or darker. So, in this respect, the choice highly depends on what final look you are interested in – your individual likes and dislikes play a crucial role.


The second major factor is obviously the total cost. Wooden flooring varnishes and seals are available in a whole range of options and at different prices. The price differences between various options can be quite significant. It’s important to look at the price of the product, but it should always be considered in relation to its quality. Remember to always take quality first and try to choose the best available varnish or seal you can afford rather than going for a low quality product, which can often turn out to cost you much more in the long term.


Thirdly, remember to take a practical approach – think about the traffic that your floor is likely to experience. In the case of high traffic in a given interior, for instance stairs or hallways, go for a high durability product, which will prevent dents and other damages to your floor. In such a case we would advise you against purchasing a high quality varnish which has low durability – as it will not meet the needs of a busy room.

Water resistance

Another major factor that is worth taking into account is resistance of a given varnish or seal to water. In certain areas of the house, there can be a need to look for a more water resistant option – then, your choice will be much narrower, but you can still make a choice from among several available options.

And last, but not least – don’t forget about maintenance. Think about a thorough cleaning routine and remember about getting quality door mats. As we’ve already mentioned, a proper door mat will help you prevent your floor from damage caused by sand and dirt particles brought inside under your shoes, making it look good for much longer. Therefore, it will help you avoid frequent sanding, and thus spare you time and money.


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